Do you know your proverbs?


In days gone by, people loved wise old sayings. It seemed like a point was never made simply and directly if it could be dressed up in an illustrative metaphor or catchy phrase.

My mother and her mother could have whole conversations in proverbs. It would go something like this:

Mum: Old Arthur’s sailing close to the wind.

Gran: Yes, he’ll need to look before he leaps.

Mum: But he’d better strike while the iron’s hot.

Gran: Well, fortune rewards the brave. It’s an ill wind, after all.

Mum: Hm,but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Gran: Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Though there’s many a slip!

Rough translation:

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A Little Bit Like You?


Well, it’s day one of my new blog and it already feels like quite an adventure. Apart from finding my way round the technicalities, the biggest strain has been finding a name for it! I tried all sorts of different names – some had already been taken, while others were derided by my family and friends for being “totally rubbish”. At long last I settled on “A Little Bit Like Me” and I’m already starting to feel quite comfortable with it. Continue reading