How to be Creative


My previous post was all about the benefits of creativity and how anyone can be creative. This time I thought I’d continue the theme by listing some easy and enjoyable ways to be creative. Remember: asking questions, generating ideas, working on and developing ideas can all be as creative as seeing an idea through to the end of a completed project.

You might also like to vary just how individual and different you want to be: following a written recipe can create a beautiful meal, even though working on your own idea for using a particular set of ingredients may be more original. Both are creative. Explore books, magazines and the internet for ideas, because the possibilities are endless.


Here are a few suggestions to introduce more creativity into your life: Continue reading

What I Wish I’d Known when I was Younger


Sabin Barred Owl

Life’s ticking away. Although inside of me there’s a young girl who will always feel about 17, I know that’s not what other people see when they look at me. I’m now well and truly into the second half of my life and although on the one hand it’s scary to live in a body which I know will only deteriorate and with a memory which has already started to let me down, on the other hand I like the feeling of being comfortable in my own skin which has only come as I’ve got older.

It’s a great pity that so many of life’s important lessons take so very long to learn. There are a lot of things I know now which I would really have benefited from knowing a couple of decades ago! For instance:

It doesn’t matter what other people think of you. Just go through life doing what you think is right when you weigh things up carefully. Then if other people misinterpret your actions and words, that’s not your problem but theirs. And if you are upset by what someone thinks of you, ask yourself whether you respect that person’s opinion. If the answer’s no, then waste no further thought on the matter. If you do value that person’s opinion, then take the time to speak to them to clarify any misunderstanding. Continue reading

How to organise your day – and feel good!


Now that we’re moving into the busy season of a-million-things-to-do-before-Christmas, it seemed a particularly opportune moment to think about how I could organise my time a bit better. I had three key goals:

  1. To get some tedious tasks done out of the way
  2. To avoid procrastination
  3. To factor in time to do some things I enjoy

When I have a free day, (I reasoned to myself) I could perhaps spend all of it doing the dreary things that need to be done: sorting out accounts and admin, cleaning and housework   or organising my clutter. But, of course, I don’t want to do those things so none of them even get started. Alternatively, I could plan to spend the whole day doing something I enjoy: seeing friends, reading or watching a film, immersing myelf into a craft project. I don’t do that either, though, largely because I feel guilty about not doing all the dreary things. Continue reading

What can you find when you go off the beaten track?


Guest blog by Terry Ward

Many of us think we know what buildings there are of interest in our area and we’ve probably visited all the best-known ones. Then, when we encounter a new part of the country, we follow the hordes of tourists to the likes of Stonehenge or the Tower of London or the Roman baths or wherever screams loudest at us from the racks of gaudy tourist leaflets.

But, if we take the trouble to read up on some more detailed information or, better still, to talk to the locals or the experts, we can often be rewarded with finding somewhere really special which not everyone knows about.
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