Answers to Famous Last Words


1. King Charles II. Nell Gwyn was his mistress.
2. Douglas Fairbanks senior, American actor
3. King George V
4. Julius Caesar. Translation: “You too, Brutus?” He was surprised to see that Brutus was one of his assassins.
5. James Joyce, Irish writer. To be fair, he did write some stuff that was hard to understand…
6. Lord Nelson, British Admiral. Some people dispute that these were Nelson’s last words. Hardy was a naval officer and friend of Nelson. Some people have suggested that he actually said, “Kismet, Hardy”, kismet being Turkish for “fate”.
7. Lawrence Oates who was a member of Scott’s expedition to the south pole. Following this, he went out into the blizzard, choosing to die because he felt that his injuries meant he would be a burden to his colleagues.
8. Lord Palmerston, nineteenth century British politician
9. Franklin Roosevelt, American president
10. H.G.Wells, British writer
11. Oscar Wilde, Irish writer
12. Nance Astor, British politician, wondering why there were so many people round her bed.

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